Capital gains tax

Use this basic calculator to estimate your capital gains tax liability.

What might you owe in tax arising on disposing of non-property assets in 2021/22?

The above result is, as indicated above only, a first check. If you have a liability, we strongly recommend you contact us. It is our role to ensure you minimise your tax liability.

If you are a higher rate or additional rate tax payer your gain will be taxed at 28%. For individuals where total income and gains are less than the upper limit of the income tax basic rate band the liability on the gain will be calculated at 18%. This calculator enables you to calculate an initial liability to capital gains tax, but does not take into account a situation where a portion of the gain is taxable at 18% and a portion at 28%.

Entrepreneurs' relief

The rate of capital gains tax qualifying for entrepreneurs' relief is 10%. The lifetime limit on gains qualifying for entrepreneurs' relief increased from £5 million to £10 million from 6 April 2011.

In calculating the gain you may deduct certain costs. Please contact us to discuss your options for minimising your capital gains tax liability.

The capital gains tax in 2013/14 is payable on or before 31 January 2015